Sales Management

Successful delivery of products and services that meet customer needs and expectations relies on a strong, integrated chain.  Generally, a weak or broken link within this chain can be easily identified and strengthened.  However, if a series of weak links exist, it may be more difficult to identify and remedy.  

With a unique background in product and brand management; market research;  sales, key account and channel management, quality assurance and global logistics, Judy Feuerbach has the expertise to evaluate your product sales to ensure your product or service meets your customer’s needs from the standpoint of:

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Product mix and profitability
  • Areas for expansion (product extension or new market/channels)
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Additionally, Feuerbach marketing can also evaluate

  • Key account support
  • Sales channel structure
  • Partnerships and channel strategies
  • Competitive strategies
  • Sales tool development for your channel partners
  • Technical support requirements

Upon completion of the evaluation, a strategic and actionable product sales and channel strategy plan will be developed with:

  • Reporting and analytics, including ROI measurement recommendations
  • Tactical implementation plans
  • Mechanisms to identify and capture future market opportunities