Multinational Marketing

Graphic by Judy Feuerbach

Multinational and multicultural marketing campaigns have unique requirements to ensure success.    Stories abound of failed marketing strategies due to cultural, language or government regulation.  

With successful marketing and business development in >75 countries worldwide, Judy Feuerbach has over 20 years experience in multinational marketing, product globalization and international business development.  

Avoid the common pitfalls and ensure success, let Feuerbach Marketing provide an international market assessment, develop multinational marketing plans that define optimal strategies for entering a new market or for growing an existing international market for your product or service.

My capabilities include:

  • Market Assessment
    • Market characteristics (environmental, economic, market size, distribution channels, etc.)
More Information:

Contact us today to learn how Feuerbach Marketing can help you successfully launch products and campaigns in multinational markets:

  • Competitive assessment  (products, pricing, costs, sales coverage, distribution and
    customer loyalty)
  • Cultural and customer needs (attitudes, language, brand/trademark meaning, and customer service needs)
  • Legal considerations
    • Brand, trademark and IP availability, laws and protection
    • Product regulations, packaging requirements, advertising restrictions, etc.
  • Business and marketing plans
  • Brand or product assessment for target markets
  • Brand or product management plan
  • Channel management/marketing program development
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Marketing communications program

 All plans are actionable and include reporting and analytics, tactical implementation
plans and mechanisms to identify and capture future market opportunities