Marketing Communications (Marcom)

Materials by Judy Feuerbach

To increase product and brand recognition, customer loyalty, profitability and competitive advantage,  your message must stand out from the noise and be remembered and recognized by your target market. Increasing competition for customer attention necessitates innovative, creative and effective communications.

Judy Feuerbach provides the strategic communication tools for long term brand building plans and for short term business building communication and promotion programs.   

My marcom capabilities include:

Marketing communications programs for brand or business building activities

More Information:

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  • Planning, design, development, production, quality assurance and implementation
  • Image and branding material development
  • Image/branding materials
  • Logos and corporate identity designs
  • Public relations, press releases, articles or other media campaigns
  • Co-marketing program development
  • Targeted promotion or sales incentive program development
  • Communication materials:
  • Newsletters, data sheets, brochures, white papers, sales tool development, presentations, etc.
  • Internal communication pieces or programs
  • Investor communication pieces, presentations, or programs
  • e-commerce, e-marketing campaigns and website development
  • Marketing events (seminars, conferences, tradeshows, speaking engagements, etc)

All programs and communications are designed to build brand and build business objectives and include ROI measurement recommendation