Industry Experience

Graphic by Judy Feuerbach

Wide breadth of industry marketing and sales experience – from snack cakes in the global consumer products industry to capital equipment in the semiconductor manufacturing and automotive test measurement industries.

Judy Feuerbach has extensive experience in these and other industries. This experience includes strategic marketing, sales, business planning, product/brand management, channel management, market communications, quality control, offshore manufacturing, import/export and global logistics for start up, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies.



High purity, high technology semiconductor and solar cell manufacturing

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device

Consumer products (ready to eat cereal, cookies, crackers, snack cakes, baby food, pet food, and animal feeds)*

Test and measurement industries (for wet chemistry, laser, terahertz wave and other technologies)


Global logistics, import, export and supply chain management


Other: Gas and chemical distribution system components for high purity, gas, and power industry applications  

Photos and/or graphics by Judy Feuerbach

* Chex and Cookie Crisp are registered trademarks of General Mills.  Hostess, Wonder, Twinkies, and Cupcakes are registered trademarks of Interstate Brands West Corporation.  RyKrisp is a registered trademark of Ralston Purina Company and distributed by Bremner Inc.