Global Product & Brand Management

Strong brand recognition and brand equity are key assets for any organization as they can provide greater customer loyalty, increased profitability and competitive advantage.   

A brand or product management plan is the strategic foundation that:

  • Communicates identity, vision, positioning, quality, and differentiation
  • Ensures that the brand or product voice, message and image are consistently executed
  • Maximizes volume and profitability across all channels  

Whether building a new brand, refining or renovating an existing brand, extending a national brand to a global brand or measuring brand contribution, Feuerbach Marketing can assist in building an effective customer-centric branding program for the company, product line, product or services.

Feuerbach Marketing can provide:

Assessment of existing brand or products

  • Market awareness, brand loyalty, and customer perception compared to product messaging, positioning, features/benefits and customer satisfaction
  • Competitive status
  • Pricing, profitability, performance,  and product mix evaluation
More Information:

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Marketing plan creation for existing or new products/new markets

  • Objectives to maximize profitability, growth and customer satisfaction
  • New product development, launch, and product marketing roadmap
  • Competitive  research and planning
  • Pricing strategies and recommendations
  • Partnering and channel strategies
  • Promotion planning including creative development, product/brand identity development, media, event planning, marketing communications, & sales tools


All plans I develop are actionable and include

  • Reporting and analytics, including ROI measurement recommendations
  • Tactical implementation plans